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When thinking to apply to some school programs or courses, you should take into consideration their essay requirement. No matter if it is a resume, an entrance essay, a thesis or a personal statement; you must make sure it is error-fee. Usually you may do this on your own but it is not too helpful. Also, to pay per page a professional, for a grammar and spelling check is not a good idea.  Our tool is developed by experts in collaboration with academicians, to have a consistent writing rules background. This grammar and spell check is updated as soon as an improvement appears available. It provides a spell check and grammas verification in order to improve your knowledge in this field also, and not only to end up with a clean paper work.

How Check My Grammer works – now online and free!

To check spelling and grammar is now easier. This can be performed in any location at any time since it is available online. Open your browser, and then type our site address to access the application and perform a grammar and spell check. Check My Grammer will assist you as you type, by highlighting mistakes and offering guidance, for you to know more about the reasons of changing something in there. Another way to get a spell and grammar check is to paste the text you have already wrote in another text editor as MS Word, Notepad, etc. Following, press the “grammar and spell check” button near the writing field, and our tool will help you in matter of seconds.

The thing you should do before submitting your document for analysing is to make sure you agree with the final version of the corrected content. Sometime, happens to correct things without reading the guidance and the message may be compromised.