Grammar Proper Nouns Usage

Using grammar proper nouns in your paper will help you come up with an accurate work. It does not matter if you are a writer, a student or a professional who wants to make sense in his report, presentation, writing assignment or anything that has to be written. Using proper nouns are inevitable, so you should learn how to use them properly. Here are some tips for you.

What Is a Proper Name in Grammar?

When it comes to proper names, they include names of people, places, things and other specific terms that should all be capitalized. Check out the following when writing with correct proper punctuation and grammar for proper nouns:

  1. You should capitalize all names of people, no exception.
  2. You should also take note of specific product names and corporate names. They all have to be capitalized.
  3. Take note of logos and company names. You may want to omit punctuation marks like an exclamation point, and one example of that is “Yahoo.”
  4. Do not use punctuation or a symbol for a service mark or registered trademark of any corporate entity name.
  5. If you are editing for a publication, you should consult the style guide in putting punctuations in proper nouns.

There you have some tips in punctuation and capitalizing proper nouns. Definitely, this list is not exhaustive, but it is a great way to start in learning proper grammar and punctuation when writing proper nouns. Nonetheless, always be consistent.

Consult Some Useful Grammar Sources

On the net, there are great websites featuring the best grammar help to anyone looking to learn how to write with correct grammar, especially in terms of using proper nouns—specific names of people, places, corporations and things. Do not miss out these cool sources to learn how to write with correct grammar for your paper, report or presentation, among other written documents.

Learning grammar is one of the best skills that anyone could possess. No matter where you belong, language is always part of your life. Be able to improve and work on your weaknesses to turn them into strength. Finally, consult the pros in grammar if you need to, or use some grammar checker free online for help.

Use correct proper punctuation and grammar on proper nouns today!