New Words 2016 You Got to Know to Stay Cool

There are new words for 2016 that you might want to know. Find out all the trendy new words and their meaning, as well as latest news on online grammar check. Continue reading and stay cool!

new words 2016

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New Words for 2016

  • Hunty: An endearment use to describe your friends
  • SOS: It is the internet word for shady or sketchy
  • Boots: It means to add emphasis to what you are saying
  • OTP: OTP stands for one true pairing
  • Ship: It comes from the word relationship
  • Aesthetic: The new vibe
  • Extra: Trying to hard or being over the top
  • Al desko: Eating at one’s desk in office
  • Butthurt: Irritation or mental distress caused by overreaction in perceiving personal slight
  • Daesh: Name used in referring to ISIL or ISIS, which is the radical Sunni Muslim organization
  • Ghosting: Practice of suddenly ending contact with an individual without any explanation
  • Hot take: Superficially researched as well as hastily written online post, journalistic piece and others presenting opinions as facts
  • Health goth: Fitness enthusiasts that is part of goth subculture
  • Hijra: Person whose gender identity is neither female nor male, typically an individual who is male, but dresses as a girl
  • Lamestream: Relating or noting to broadcast media and traditional print, that regarded as lacking creativity, fairness and others
  • Intersectionality: Theory that overlap of different social identities, as gender, sexuality, race and class contributing to specific type of discrimination experienced and systematic oppression by a person
  • Long form: Relating or noting to types of visual or print media content that characterized by lengthy, in-depth narratives
  • NDB: NBD stands for no big deal
  • Pokemon: Media franchise, which include animated television series, video games, card games, movies and others depicting fictional class of trainers and their pet monsters
  • Totes: Totally

There you have the new words 2016 and their meaning that you might want to know. Find more cool words and other grammar stuff today!