Proper Grammar for Lists

From time to time, you will need to make a list in your writing assignments and presentations. Do you know how to proper grammar for lists? If so, read on and find out how. Here are some tips for you in coming up with a list for your paper.

English Proper Grammar for List

  1. Do not forget to include semicolons and colons in making a list. If you have a complex list, you can use semicolons to serve as dividers for every individual item. When making an item list in a series, using semicolons can help, your readers make a clear impression of what you are listing.
  2. If you have a simple list, you can use colons in separating your items in the list.

What Is Proper Grammar for Titles?

  1. The basic rule of thumb when capitalizing is that you should capitalize the first word in your title.
  2. You should also capitalize all the proper nouns.
  3. In some, you should put all the first letters of each word in your title in capital letter.
  4. You should also see to it that you capitalize the first word as well as the last word in your title, no matter what part of speech they are.
  5. You should also capitalize all nouns, verbs, adverbs and subordinating conjunctions.
  6. You should lower case the ‘to’ in an infinitive verb.
  7. You should also lower case the articles, including in, at and to.

There you have some capitalization rules in making a list and a title. Follow them all the time to avoid mistakes in your paper. Do not forget these simple rules when capitalizing the words in your title and using proper grammar when listing.

Some Helpful Tools to Help Correct Your Grammar

You can use online grammar checkers to help you spot the mistakes you commit. This will help you see your areas for improvement as well as how to correct them next time. There are grammar checkers you can find online that will not require you to download any software on your PC because they are web-based.

In addition, the use of these checkers will not cost you a single dime, so you can use them as often as you want when checking your paper. Of course, you don’t rely on the tools all the time, so you should take note of those mistakes you have committed to avoid them when writing. Using both your judgement and some online free grammar check will help you improve your grammar in no time.

Learn proper grammar for lists and titles today!