What I Need to Choose: Check My Grammar Free or Hire an Editor?

How Can I Check My Grammar?

There’s no question about it – grammar is difficult and complicated. We struggle for twelve years of school to learn all the rules, and then when we go to university, we find a whole new set to contend with. There’s so much to learn and remember, and given all of the other things that you need to know, it can just be far too much. If you had poor teachers in elementary or secondary school, it’s especially difficult. So what can you do? Well, fortunately, we’re here for you. Our free grammar check makes it easy.

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Fun Grammar Facts

Did you know that the Oxford English Dictionary contains 615,000 entries? English has the highest vocabulary of any currently extant language. It’s estimated that there are 1,025,109 of them! The English language passed the million-word threshold in 2009 and its millionth word was “web 2.0”, which stirred up a lot of controversies. No dictionary contains the complete million-plus, but one thing’s for sure: that’s a lot of words to memorize and get right. There are so much linguistic diversity and so many loanwords in English that it’s practically impossible to be certain of yourself in spelling and grammar. Sure, you have spellcheckers and the like, but most of them aren’t very smart. They fail to understand the nuances of language. Therefore, you need a better option. So what do you do?

Check Your Grammar with Us

The first thing that might leap to mind when you think about grammar and spelling checks is an editor or proofreader. And there’s no doubt that they’re good options! They’re human and therefore qualified to understand your paper in a way that basic spellcheck can’t. They’re also smart, experienced, and available for consultation. In especially difficult situations you may ask some services “rewrite my sentence” to avoid grammar mistakes.

There are, however, significant disadvantages to using an editor. There are two major ones: time and expense. A good proofreader is worth their weight in gold but often charges it. Sure, the prices are fair, but can you afford them? Particularly if you’re a student, it might just be too expensive. Do you really want to spend a huge chunk of money on proofreading a five-hundred-word paper you spent two hours writing? It’s just not economical for most of us.

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Plus, there’s the time factor. Good proofreaders are busy people. You can pay extra for a quick turnaround, but the fact is, the process takes time. If you want good human proofreading, it’s not going to be fast, which if you have a tight deadline could cause some issues. You could go for a less-skilled proofreader and save time and money, but do you really want that? They might not be as knowledgeable as they pretend to be, and then you’ll still be spending money yet turning in an inferior product. Not a good idea.

So what is your other option? Our free grammar spelling and punctuation checker provides a great middle ground between regular spellcheck and the expense of an editor. The expense is zero, and the time is almost that. The process is nearly instantaneous. Got half an hour, fifteen minutes, or five minutes to spare before you turn your paper in? Then you can use our free grammar check tool and produce a better piece of writing. Programmed by people who truly understand the nuances of grammar, our checker is an expert on the level of a proofreader, but instant and free. What more could you possibly ask for?

Best Grammar Check

Let’s face it – grammar wasn’t anyone’s favourite part of a school. Why not leave it to a computer? Let the dull, tedious work of checking over your paper be done by a smart machine. After all, what’s the point of technological advancements if they don’t make your life easier? You’ll save time, avoid spending money and find yourself with an amazing, well-written paper. Don’t let yourself carry on alone any longer. What do you have to lose?

If you’ve been asking yourself, “how can I check my grammar free?” contact us now and find out how easy it can be!